The Straight Spine Safe Spine™ Program was developed by Dr. Uday Doctor to give his patients a physical therapy and exercise program that is specific for their diagnosis.

Most physical therapy programs currently used for spine pain are not specifically targeted for the problem that may be creating your discomfort, as most patients are usually given the same set of exercises. Unfortunately, not all back and neck pain is created by the same issue. For example, a herniated disc, arthritic joints in your spine, or even a condition called spinal stenosis which narrows your spinal canal, can all create similar back and neck pain. But the physical therapy for each of these problems should be different, as you may actually aggravate your spine with some of the traditional physical therapy exercises. The Straight Spine Safe Spine Program has a specific group of body mechanics and physical therapy exercises for each problem in the spine for this exact reason.

The Little Back Book allows you to come up with a diagnosis of your pain, and then use the therapy and exercises in the chapter on the Straight Spine Safe Spine program to help you decrease your pain and strengthen the body around the spine. While keeping your spine straight. And your spine safe.

The Straight Spine Safe Spine Program was also created to prevent recurrences of pain by showing patients how to make simple lifestyle changes in their posture and body mechanics. Lastly, the Straight Spine Safe Spine program gives you an aerobic and weight lifting exercise plan that was designed to avoid reinjuring the specific problem that was creating your pain in the first place.

The Straight Spine Safe Spine Therapy and Exercise Program combines three important practices into one easy-to-follow treatment plan:

  • Physical therapy and exercises for your specific problem to decrease pain while keeping the spine safe.
  • Proper body posture and mechanics to prevent re-aggravating the specific issue that is creating your pain.
  • An aerobics and weight lifting plan specifically designed to not aggravate the part of the spine that was creating your pain.